Cayuga Networks


Forward thinkers passionately aligned around catching bad actors in the act

Cayuga Networks has attracted some of the best and brightest talent in security, networking, and cyber threat forensics. The challenge of outwitting bad actors on the Internet motivates this team to create innovative solutions that protect web-facing applications from potentially devastating attacks.

Looking for bad guys on the Internet is just absolutely fascinating.

It’s a contest of wits: they’re smart and they’re trying not to be found, and we’re trying to find them before they can do damage.

Stuart Staniford

We founded Cayuga Networks to respond to a huge need. Virtually every large organization today—from universities to hospitals to financial services companies—is struggling to thwart increasingly sophisticated hacks on web applications. We saw customers having no way to deal with this problem. Conventional defenses such as WAFs and RASP have serious limitations: either they fail to catch some of the most dedicated attacks, or they overburden security teams with too many alerts and false positives.

We have a 50/50 mixture. On the one hand there’s senior people with a long track record of doing research in security and network forensics. And then the other half is super bright Cornell grads.

The combination is by far the best team
I’ve ever worked with.

Stuart Staniford

A crucible of innovation

The world-class team at Cayuga Networks comprises talent ranging from PhDs with decades of experience in cyber security and forensics to brilliant, fresh thinkers trained in computer science at Cornell University. These threat experts are passionately aligned around outwitting bad guys on the Internet, and Cayuga Networks technology benefits from their intense exchange of ideas and knowhow. After two years of research, this team created the next generation of Web Application Protection. This practical, innovative technology catches threats that the old-school defenses miss, warning customers of only credible threats—without the noise.

Fused machine/human intelligence

Additionally, they not only continually refine these tools but extend customers’ security teams by using the tools to investigate high-risk anomalies. This combination of human intelligence and machine learning provides customers with only 100% actionable alerts (with no false alarms), including reports that contain enough context and detail to make it practical for internal teams to address the threats in the reconnaissance phase rather than later in the cyber kill chain.