Cayuga Networks

About Us

We started Cayuga Networks to address a clear and present danger to the critical online assets of enterprises. Attacks on web applications can have consequences that range from taking down the company website to taking down the company. And the threat is growing.

Yet despite the severity of the threat, many organizations struggle to defend their application layer. And a severe shortage of qualified security experts means vulnerabilities go unaddressed for many months. To make matters worse, there is a huge AppSec Gap. The only available technologies either fail to catch many attacks or require too much time and too many IT resources to configure and manage. These solutions also issue enough false alarms to overwhelm even the largest teams, which results in alert fatigue. Consequently, teams simply don’t know where to start defending the huge, highly vulnerable web app attack surface.

The gap between application security needs and available technology is huge.

This AppSec Gap creates a major blind spot, exposing enterprises to very real and present cyber dangers

Maurice Stebila, CISO Harman, International

Enter Cayuga Networks. Launched by one of the world’s leading threat experts, who was also chief scientist at FireEye, the company has attracted a diverse group of world-class engineers and threat researches. Cornell University, which is an early indirect investor in the company, also serves as an excellent source of new talent.

These computer scientists are dedicated and committed to developing the leading edge of web application protection. It’s a shared passion for outwitting and defeating a global army of dedicated attackers—catching bad actors in the act. After nearly three years of dedicated research, the result is the next generation of web application security.